San Francisco Public Works High School Mentorship Program


High School Mentorship Program

San Francisco Public Works is seeking local high school students from various San Francisco Unified Public High Schools, to provide in-house mentorship. San Francisco Public Works strives to create opportunities for local youth. Opportunities, that help to provide access to career explorations and workforce development for San Francisco’s youth, by connecting local high school students with mentors within San Francisco Public Works that will educate, train, and motivate high school students to envision their full potential.

Our Goals

  • To create a learning environment in which every student is connected and engaged with a San Francisco Public Works employee in any given division and/or bureau.

  • To promote growth and help students sustain a positive outlook outside of high school.

  • To help students continue their education or career beyond high school by building a social, educational, and apprenticeship community with CTE academies’ students.

  • To foster learning involvements that exposes students to the real-world application of what they are learning in school, as well as what it is like to work in a professional setting.

  • To intentionally and systematically support underrepresented, impoverished, and underperforming students who are motivated to excel past their challenges in order to achieve success after high school.



A $150 stipend at the end of the program.


A letter of recommendation for future employment or college application at the end of the program.


An opportunity to interview for our Summer Internship program, provided the following apply:

  • Admission to a college or university at the end of the program
  • Focusing on a STEM major
  • Minimum Requirements

    • High school junior or senior at one of the partnering San Francisco High Schools during the program participation.

    • The ability to work a 2-3 hours a month, on a weekday, during business hours (8am-5pm) for a 6 month duration.

    • Enrolls, is a member, or actively participates in your high school’s CTE Academy or School Day Academic. However, exceptions will be made for those who not enrolled or actively participating in a CTE academy.

    • Short Answers
      • Explain why you are interested in the mentorship program with San Francisco Public Works.
      • Explain your idea of how San Francisco Public Works benefits the City and County of San Francisco.

    Quick Guide

    If needed, please view this link for our quick guide. Thanks!